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Birley & Etihad Community Campus



Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK

The Youth Charter’s Community Campus project was the result of an 8-month consultation of 400 young people commissioned in 2013 by the Community and Cultural Services Division of Manchester City Council to embed the Youth Strategy across Manchester, which highlighted three key issues of access, activity and affordability as a barrier to improving youth participation and physical activity through sport, leisure and recreational activity.

This also coincided with the Youth Charter’s 2012 Games Legacy Report, which was launched at the House of Commons in 2014. As a result, the Youth Charter identified both East Manchester (Etihad Campus) and Hulme and Moss Side (Birley Campus) in the development of a new young people and community empowerment approach. These campuses act as the admin hubs from which all activity is directed and community impact data collected through an interactive customised approach. The Community Campus was funded at the invitation of Sport England with a grant award of £249,000 over three years through its Community Sports Activation Fund. The aim of the project is to engage, equip and empower 200 Social Coaches, drawn from a diverse representation of public, private, third sector, academia and community based organisations working with 3000 young people to improve active participation within the age range of 14 – 18.

Activity Numbers

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Stakeholder's consulted, engaged, equipped and/or empowered


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Young People engaged


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Social Coaches signed up


Community Campus Report

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Community Campus Videos


Community Campus Gallery

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