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Mandela Mile Leadership Programme: Being a Leader - Living our Values

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Global Webinar

The Being a Leader - Living our Values workshop delivered by the Youth Charter as part of the Mandela Mile Leadership Programme.

The workshop provided participants with an understanding of: Leadership in the 21st Century Post Covid-19 World; Leadership in Values and Excellence; Nelson Mandela the Boxer and Leader; Kofi Annan the Sprinter and Leader; Participants were also introduced to: Sport for Development and Peace; and Sport delivering the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. And were then asked to apply this to the projects they were delivering by considering: How your project can achieve this goal in a Post Covid-19 environment?; and How sport can be used help to deliver this goal? The workshop concluded with: Post Covid-19 Call 2 Action; Legacy Cultural Framework; Community Campus Model; Social Coach Leadership Programme.

Workshop Outputs

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Global organisations were represented in the MMLP Workshop


YP Global Citizens.png

Aspiring Leaders participated in MMLP Workshop


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Facilitator delivered the MMPL Workshop


Workshop Report

Workshop Videos

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Workshop Gallery

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