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YC Bridgend SCLP Workshop

Thursday, 28 February 2019

YMCA, Bridgend, UK

The first Social Coach Leadership Programme (SCLP) Workshop delivered by the Youth Charter in Bridgend proved to be a tremendous success with very positive feedback from participants.

This provides the opportunity for the future delivery SCLP programme within Bridgend including local schools, youth clubs, community organisations and businesses. Objectives: 1 day workshop aims to introduce the principles of social coaching; give an opportunity for participants to practice the applications of social coaching principles; crystalise the learning through a formal assessment - verbal and written.

Workshop Outputs

Building 3.png

Local organisation were represented in the Bridgend SCLP workshop


YP Global Citizens.png

Social Coaches participated in the Bridgend SCLP Workshop


Blue SACD Person .png

Facilitator delivered the Bridgend SCLP Workshop


Workshop Report

Workshop Videos

File Image.png

Workshop Gallery

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