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Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse

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Hulme & Moss Side, Manchester

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4. ENVIRONMENT - community cohesion, quality of life and access to facilities

The Youth Charter’s work with the Moss Side and Hulme Partnership saw a 5 year consultation with young people and community members between 1993 and 1998 that led to the development of a new facility for the young people of the Moss Side Youth Centre - The Powerhouse.

Drawing on ideas from the participants of the ‘Spirit of Hulme and Moss Side tour of Los Angeles’ inspired the Youth Charter’s ‘Social Centre of Excellence’ concept. The social brokering role played by Youth Charter has ensured this new centre will have been both designed and operated by local youngsters to provide them with a sense of ownership, identity, commitment and belonging.

The Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse was a £3million project that turned the dreams of the young people into a reality. The majority of the project funding came from the public sector (£2.8million of which 50% came from Millennium funding).


“Our vision is to create a new millennium Powerhouse for the young people of Moss Side which celebrates their diversity and embraces their needs, interest and aspirations. A centre which facilitates individual pathways to positive achievements and contributions within the wider society - social, cultural, educational, sporting and in the world of work. A centre for Young people in which they are partners and of which they can be proud. A centre which, will in turn become a model for youth centre in the new millennium, establishing the validity and viability of partnerships for the benefit of the nation’s youth”.


1. To assist young people to develop emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so that they can make a positive contribution to their community and the wider world as active citizens
2. To provide a safe, warm welcoming environment for young people irrespective of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or responsibility for dependents
3. To respond through multi-agency and interdisciplinary partnerships to the educational, social, health and vocational needs of the young people


The Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse is still in operation today and has inspired many similar multipurpose Youth Centres across the UK and around the world, most notably in the UK are the OnSide Youth Zones that have been built across the country.

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