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Spirit of the Streets tour of South Africa

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Greater Manchester and South Africa

As a culmination of the Youth Charter’s Anglo youth culture initiative programme, 17 young people from challenging backgrounds and communities of Greater Manchester were selected to participate in the “Spirit of the Streets” Tour of South Africa.

This tour was the final element in the Youth Charter’s youth culture and social programme and was established as the social and cultural legacy of the successful 2002 Commonwealth Games. The Tour objectives were:

• to identify young leaders who were already doing great things both in their own personal development and the communities in which they lived.
• to engage with, and be exposed to, the ten years of social and human development work undertaken and delivered by the Youth Charter to reflect and record the many social and cultural experiences that they would encounter and
• to return inspired with a tangible programme or project benefit to their community.

The Tour was as demanding as it was life-enhancing, with the whole group motivated to make a difference on the return to their respective communities. As a result of this, a social youth cultural legacy has been established with programmes and projects now being realised with the support and participation of local government and other youth related public / private sector agencies.

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Partner Agencies were involved in delivering the Spirit of the Streets tour of South Africa


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Young People participated in the Spirit of Streets tour of South Africa


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Social Coaches/Staff participated in the Spirit of the Streets tour of South Africa


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